Warehouse PAC would like to join our community in proclaiming, Black Lives Matter. Black Artists Matter. We apologize if our silence during this past week has been viewed as complacency. We believe that the complexities of systemic racism and white privilege demand that organizations such as WPAC begin our activism by listening. Listening to the voices, listening to the stories, of people being robbed of their families, their safety, their rights, their humanity, their lives. The brutal murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbrey, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and so many other People of Color demand change. We realize now that our silence is itself a position of privilege and an extremely harmful one. We hope WPAC can serve as an agent of that change. From LISTENING to ACTING.

Theatre is Community in Action. It has the power to foster empathy, understanding, sharing, and compassion. How we use theatre says a great deal about our community. WPAC must do better in fostering inclusivity, from our production teams to our audiences. We must do better at magnifying the voices of People of Color. And we will use our resources of venue, promotions, and people to further these goals.

 In 2019, WPAC pledged to participate in The Jubilee, a nationwide movement in which theaters dedicated a season to plays by people historically underrepresented. We feel the time is now to move forward with readings of those works as a way to help our community understand systemic inequities and privilege. All proceeds will go to support CharlotteNAACP. Please join us.

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