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A Funny Thing by Halley Feiffer

A foul-mouthed twenty-something comedian and a middle-aged man are brought together unexpectedly when their cancer-stricken mothers become roommates in the hospital. Together, this unlikely duo must negotiate some of life’s biggest challenges…while making some of the world’s most inappropriate jokes. 

September 20th - October 5th 2019

Featuring Karina Caporino, Bill Reilly, & Joanna Gerdy

How many jokes does it take to change an IV?
The Norwegians by C. Denby Swanson

A raging comedy about women scorned in Minnesota and the really, really nice gangsters—Norwegian hit men—they hire to whack their ex-boyfriends. And the Swiss Firm that’s been hired to eliminate  them all.

January/February 2020 (Dates TBD)

Auditions for Shows in 2020 will be held in August 2019.
Dates TBD
Tribes by Nina Raine

Billy was born deaf into a hearing family,  but he has adapted to his family's unconventional ways. They've never bothered to return the favor. It's not until he meets Sylvia, a young woman on the brink of deafness, that he finally understands what it means to be understood.

March 2020

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee

George, a professor at a small college, and his wife, Martha, have just returned home, drunk from a Saturday night party. Martha announces, amidst general profanity, that she has invited a young couple—an opportunistic new professor at the college and his shatteringly naïve new bride—to stop by for a nightcap. When they arrive the charade begins. But underneath the edgy banter, which is crossfired between both couples, lurks an undercurrent of tragedy and despair.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

A comedic look at the famous Shakespearean Tragedy done in the way only the Warehouse can. A brave Scottish general named Macbeth receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland. Consumed by ambition and spurred to action by his wife, Macbeth murders King Duncan and takes the Scottish throne for himself- with hilarious results. Part of the Warehouse’s "Shakespeare on The Rocks" Series.

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