You know that feeling you get when you lean back in your chair and you tip it just a little bit too far and very nearly kill yourself? 

That's us.

You know that group of friends that are ALWAYS fun to be around? The ones with the wicked sense of humor? The dysfunctional but lovable bunch of clowns that have a satirical perspective on EVERYTHING and always make you laugh til your sides ache?


No? You don’t have friends like that?


Well neither did we, so we made our own.


March 2nd, 2019

8:00 pm curtain

Doors open at 7:30 pm

Tickets: $8.00

Reservations: 704.619.0429

Now Are The Foxes is an improvisation and sketch comedy company based along the I-85 corridor. We are an ever-evolving, innovative, troupe dedicated to growing our own performance skills and entertaining others. We do this through workshop-style rehearsals and local performances.

We exist to serve two entities: To provide more theatrical opportunities for the comedic player, and to bring unique comedy performances to our community.

Our improvisational comedy shows are made up of fresh, original scenes based on audience input. The audience fills in the details of our distinctive comedy by volunteering a variety of suggestions (emotions, objects, activities, occupations, locations) throughout the performance. Improv is immediate and exciting. The audience is in on the fun as they see their ideas mushroom into comedy mayhem.

Every show is different because you never know what the audience will throw at us! Every rehearsal is an opportunity to get feedback and hone your comedy kung-fu.

Our mission is to perform, teach, develop, and promote improvisational theatre, sketch and stand up comedy.


We also want to promote having fun and create amazing, phenomenal and innovative shows.


To be a theater made up of members of its community to perform for the community.


To entertain and surprise the audience and ourselves.


To be a theater of the heart where honesty and love for your fellow performer are the basis for all that happens on stage.


On second thought, scratch that last one and replace it with "To bring fart jokes back into style."


(As if they ever went out!)

Warehouse Performing Arts Center

9216-A Westmoreland Road
Cornelius, NC 28031


Box Office & General Info: 704.619.0429

Email: warehousepac08@gmail.com